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First acetate of 'We Will Rock You' from the world-famous Abbey Road studios. 1977.

I am certainly no authority on Queen records (though I do have a blue Bo Rhap from the limited edition of 200 - No 195 - courtesy of Fred) but items connected directly to touring, such as itineraries, jackets, T shirts, passes etc, I have a very good memory for. As well as a unique recollection of other items that passed through.....
As to avoiding fake Queen items; I would always suggest that you always ask for provenance from the seller. Who are they? How did they get it - and from who? If an item is from the 1970s or '80s it's realtively old, and should smell, look and feel old. If something is offered for sale with a COA (Certificate of authenticity) beware! Provenance is what is needed - not something that can be printed out randomly on a computer. If the item is rare and/or expensive then by all means ask for a letter from the seller listing provenance.

EG: A fake NATO pass - no laminated passes were ver issued for this tour.


As to autographs - I have seen the signatures of all of Queen on countless occasions, but all I have is a 'feel' for whether an autograph is genuine. I am certainly no expert. The only Queen signatures I was ever interested in were any 2 from 4 on a Queen Productions cheque !! I don't even have a set of their autographs........ Would you ask your boss for his ?

However my Mum has a set of Queen autographs - on the cover of a copy of A Night At The Opera - which the band signed for her at Birmigham Odeon on the 1975 UK tour.


Mott The Hoople and Queen 'WANTED' flyer, 1973


Tambourine from 1975 UK NATO tour. I used some odd roll of red gaffa tape to secure the foam pad to protect Fred's leg. After that tour black gaffa was always used on Fred's stage tambourines. This is probably the only tambourine from that period in existence.


Fred using the red-taped tambourine. 1975


Hyde Park - presented to me (and all the crew) by John Reid Enterprises for the Hyde Park free concert September 1976.


Bonus envelope given to all members of the entourage when the Budokan in Tokyo sold out. Japan 1976. Contents were about 2.00.


Fred's personal Christmas card 1984.

The printed message inside reads:
"Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from the Preening,Pouting,
Posing, Posturing old tart".

The inscription to me is "Dear Ratty - Lots of Love - Freddie .


Peter Hince 2015