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Over the years various forms of Queen clothing was produced. Apart from the official and unofficial merchandise at concerts; jackets, T shirts, sweatshirts etc were made solely for the band and crew by the tour manager, record company, promoter, transport companies, merchandiser etc.

There are fakes around and some items that the fan club produced and sold are being passed off on ebay as official crew clothing. Generally a tour jacket would have the person's name embroidered on it and a reference to what tour, year, continent etc. In the US local promoters would sometimes produce a one off T shirt just for a particular show. Very nice items. I had many, but over the years they were stolen, lost, mislaid or given away to 'special friends' I met on the road.

Some are shown here:

During the encore of We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions at Madison Square Garden on December 2nd 1977 Fred took to the stage wearing this NY Yankees baseball jacket and cap. He used his wand' mic stand as a bat......

The NY Yankees had recently won the World Series and this was a piece of theatre and showmanship by Fred. The entire audience at The Garden loved it and the place shook with the response.
The following spring during rehearsals for the European Tour I noticed the jacket hanging in a wardrobe case and said how much I liked it. Fred then gave it to me along with the cap. I wore the jacket for many years on Queen tours, in the studio and for everyday use. I lost the cap in 1995.
These paper jackets were promotional items given to the band in 1976 for the 'Day At The Races' album. Fred was not amused........ Citing that they had just had a record breaking number 1 album and single world wide with NATO/Bohemian Rhapsody and they were being given something made of PAPER!!

He refused to wear it or even own it - so gave it to me! I dont think I have ever worn it either.

Here is a selection of some of my tour jackets...

...and T-shirts.

Peter Hince 2011